Monday, January 14, 2013

The Season is Here

So here we are. The off season has gone and past, now its time for the first race in a couple of weeks already. As you might have or haven't seen this season I will be riding for the Cash Call Mortgage Cycling Team. It has been hard keeping it quiet where I transferred to but now you know. In a few ways it was a hard decision to decide what to do as far as teams go for the coming season... well, until I met and had quite a few long discussions with my new team director Paul Abraham. We have very similar views and after racing against his team last season I look forward to working with him all year.

Another big draw to sign with this great group of people was the relationships between the riders, staff, and sponsors. With that being said, in just about a week I will head off to my second team camp. We had one shorter camp already to meet the team/sponsors and get to know each other. This next camp will be more training based and the day after I will do my first race of the 2013 season. The Boulevard Road Race. A hard rolling one day road race with a hard climb to the finish. This race will be a good test for overall fitness along with a great day of training to get prepared for the races to come.

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Tom Erlandson said...

Best of luck - you signed my 8 year old son's jersey at the Amgen Tour of California in 2012 in Ontario. He was just asking if you were racing this year.

Tom Erlandson (& Connor)