Monday, January 14, 2013

The Season is Here

So here we are. The off season has gone and past, now its time for the first race in a couple of weeks already. As you might have or haven't seen this season I will be riding for the Cash Call Mortgage Cycling Team. It has been hard keeping it quiet where I transferred to but now you know. In a few ways it was a hard decision to decide what to do as far as teams go for the coming season... well, until I met and had quite a few long discussions with my new team director Paul Abraham. We have very similar views and after racing against his team last season I look forward to working with him all year.

Another big draw to sign with this great group of people was the relationships between the riders, staff, and sponsors. With that being said, in just about a week I will head off to my second team camp. We had one shorter camp already to meet the team/sponsors and get to know each other. This next camp will be more training based and the day after I will do my first race of the 2013 season. The Boulevard Road Race. A hard rolling one day road race with a hard climb to the finish. This race will be a good test for overall fitness along with a great day of training to get prepared for the races to come.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ok Here we go again. New start...

Wow so it has been quite some time. I haven't been on here in a long time. I really want to be more dedicated to this thing and actually keep everything up to date. So a lot has happened this year. I had a great year both on the bike and off the bike with Team Exergy. The experience has been amazing and I couldn't be more thankful for the experience. For next season I can't exactly say who I will be riding for yet but I will say I hope to build on 2012. Last season was a bit up and down, with some great moments and some that weren't so great. This year I hope to keep people a bit more up to date on the blog and really give an inside look at whats going on with me and my life. I really hope to take a deeper than normal look at the life, the mind set, and all the emotion that is associated with this life I live Anyways I hope everyone enjoys whats to come

thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

here we go,,, another start to a season just around the calendar

Well its been a great off season. One of the smoothest thus far. As some of you might have seen I signed with Team Exergy for 2012. By smooth I mean not much confusion. I knew for some time I was going to be transferring to this team and teaming up with my boy Fast Freddie. The team is awesome. Ive been in Boise at the team base for 3 weeks and it is an upmost professional ran program. I am very exciting for not only the 2012 season but also to built a long term relationship with the team as I hope to stay here for quite some time. My year will be based mostly around developing as a field sprinter/lead out man, so lots of flatter hard races as well as crits. Overall I expect the team to achieve some huge things in the sport, and im just really happy to play a part in it.

So my short term schedule is a few more days in Boise, then ill head to California for a bit before heading to my normal winter training base in Tucson Az. I then have a training camp with the team in and January in Boise, then back to Tucson before a second training camp in Southern California. Stay tuned

Friday, June 17, 2011

Speed is coming

So after a quite blah Tulsa I finally have some signs of good legs coming. First of all Tulsa tough was the craziest sketchiest races ive done. The first night 81 people went down and id say close to that each day. Anyways I managed a 10th place on the second stage but other than that I went down every day in the last 5 laps.

Now I had the first stage of Tour of Americas Dairyland yesterday. I ended up 5th from a field sprint where Isaac Howes took the win followed by Emile Abraham and Cantwell. I think the sprint legs are coming and there could be some good results coming soon.

From here I go to Agusta Georgia for Espoir National Championships from there to California for a track race (testarosa challenge) and from there back to Milwaukee for Super Week

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Here we go into another block of nrc racing

So im sitting in my bed before the Tulsa Tough Stage Race. Im in Tulsa Oklahoma for the race and got here two days ago. I have mixed emotions coming into the race as I have been on antibiotics for the better part of 2 weeks straight. Not sure what I had but it was pretty bad and had to completely stay off the bike for about 4 days coming into the race. So half me is saying your legs are going to suck and the other half is well you had alot of miles before that and maybe the rest will do you good. Anyhow it will by all means be good preparations for the upcoming U23 USA National Championships where ill be trying to better my 4th place from last year. From here I will be at Tour of Americas Dairy Land and from there off to Nationals. The last few days the legs have felt great so lets hope they stick around another 3 days.
Stay posted tonight for the update as well as watch the race live on

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Weekend Story

So for the weekend of Cats Hill and Scotts Valley Twilight. The first of the two was Cats Hill Classic, a criterium in Los Gatos with a hill of 23 percent. I have to say this is probably my favorite course in Nor Cal. However to my own expense I must say I didnt prepare for the race. Well ill make it quick, my race bike is equipped with Shimano di2 and well, 5 laps into the race the battery went dead. Thats right, from lap 5 on I was stuck in my big ring and trying to do what I can to stay in the fight. I ended up missing the break and finishing 10th for the race.

Scotts Valley was a great time! My only complaint for both races however is they were a bit short. Im a big fan of making a race built for fitness. What I mean by that is, 100k crits! Or at least 90 minutes. Anyways the race went pretty well overall, I was able to get 4 primes and second overall to Steve Reany. Cal giant rode a good race and deserved the win and well although I didnt win I had a great time